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Last publication: 10/12/2013

The other medicine

The best of nature

Plant-based medicines offer basic treatments with gentler action to help prevent and treat daily health problems effectively, in a long-lasting way and without side effects.

Because of its gentle, deep action, phytotherapy appears to be the ideal response to the century's "modern diseases".

Renowned science

In 1986 phytotherapy was officially recognised in France by the Minister of Health as a separate area of medicine. Plants sold in pharmacies by Arkopharma then became medicines (and the company obtained Marketing Authorisations for them as plant-based pharmaceutical specialities).

How effective phytotherapy medicines are depends above all on the selection of plants that are used to make them. The plants are selected on rigorous scientific grounds.

100% plant origin

In 1997, Arkopharma achieved a great first, by offering the first range of products that was of 100% plant origin, confirming its rank as a leader in phytotherapy. Capsules of 100% plant origin are totally natural and gluten- and preservative-free.

Manufacturing processes


To extract the best from each plant, i.e. all its active ingredients, Arkopharma Laboratories uses a high-technology process called cryogrinding. Cryogrinding is pulverising the active part of the dried plant by grinding it in the cold using liquid nitrogen at -196 °C. A very fine, even powder is collected this way – this is total plant powder.

<h1>Cryobroyage</h1> Le <strong>labo pharmaceutique</strong> Arkopharma, spécialisé dans la <strong><a href="">phytotherapie</a></strong> et l'<strong>homeopathie</strong> propose plus de 400 traitements de fond. Découvrez sur notre site des explication sur la technique du <strong>cryobroyage</strong>.

How cryogrinding works