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Our Commitments

Last publication: 30/10/2014

Ecology, environment and sustainable development

Our environment and safety commitment

Arkopharma is faithful to its philosophy. It has designed its mission as a pharmaceutical laboratory with the greatest respect for nature and fundamental ethical principles. Arkopharma Laboratories commits to producing all of its product ranges within its aims of developing health management, working safely and protecting the environment.

As part of its strategic vision, Arkopharma continues to perfect how it controls environmental impact, maintains safe conditions in facilities and equipment, prevents accidents and improves working conditions.

Conserving energy

Controlling energy consumption remains a priority for Arkopharma's ecology policy. Energy consumption in the laboratories is down sharply, and so are greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the years, the company has managed to reduce emissions. Dust and combustion gas emissions are permanently controlled and captured as there is effective filtration in all the facilities.

Conserving water

Controlling water consumption is also an important component of how the company protects the environment. As a raw material, water is an essential production resource.

Controlling water waste

Controlling aqueous waste is part of company strategy for reducing our environmental impact. The focus is on quality requirements during cleaning operations, which remain the main source of aqueous waste.

Powerful waste management

Waste management is one of the group's strong points. In recent years, waste management modernisation was prioritised, targeting reduced generation in particular.

Regulatory issues

Because of its many activities, the laboratory is subject to many regulations that form the basis for construction of an "environment and safety" plan of action. A regulatory reference has been implemented, for environmental matters largely governed by the French Environmental Code, in particular by legislation for Classified Installations for Protection of the Environment (French ICPE), but also governed for safety matters by the French Work Code.

Investments for environmental protection and safety

Regarding continuous improvement, Arkopharma continues its investment to perfect its facilities, tools and production processes. These significant efforts contribute to a more powerful tool that integrates the areas of environmental protection and health and safety of populations both in and out of the company.

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