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ISO 22000

Last publication: 29/10/2014

Implementation of this standard has mobilized all required or necessary skills of the ARKOPHARMA Group and was motivated by the willingness to ensure continuous improvement.

The Standard ISO 22 000, security for the customer

Obtention of this standard confirms the commitment of Arkopharma Laboratories, to deliver quality products to their customers.

This standard guarantees that the food supplements and dietary products which are invented, produced and proposed by the Arkopharma Laboratories, comply with all demands of food security and quality.

ISO 22 000 certification is delivered by an independent and accredited organisation that verifies the conformity of the system and the internal practices with the standards and regulations.

The ISO 22 000 standard in brief…

  • An internationally recognized standard, which harmonizes the practices of the management for food safety.
  • The ISO 22 000 standard includes the principals of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control)* -System and traceability. This system guarantees the sanitary safety of all activities of Arkopharma Laboratories, from the product design to the shipment of dietetic products and food supplements.
  • The ISO 22 000 standard is the commitment of Arkopharma Laboratories, to deliver to their customers and consumers safe and high quality products. The standard will increase customer confidence in the products. All components ( raw materials, environment, manufacturing processes, competence of the staff...) are part of a system that is regularly evaluated in order to ensure continuous improvement and performance.
  • The ISO 22 000 standard signifies the commitment of Arkopharma Laboratories to continuous and shared progress and opens new opportunities to conquer international market.

* Danger analysis - critical points for the control


Iso 22000

The ISO 22000 certification


Three important references

For Arkopharma Laboratories :

  1. For food supplements and dietary products: the ISO 22 000 standards.
  2. For medicines: GMP-Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices.
    Arkopharma Laboratories are pharmaceutical laboratories and for this reason they are regularly controlled by the ANSM (French agency for the sanitary security for health products) who gives the permission to manufacture and issues the GMP-Certificate.
  3. For Organic Products: the European regulations for the production of Organic Products.
    Arkopharma Laboratories are regularly audited by a certifying organisation (ECOCERT), which verifies that the rules / regulations for organic production rules are respected.