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Arkopharma group in brief

Last publication: 15/03/2016

A global approach to health and well-being.

Founded in 1980 in Carros, near Nice in France, by Dr. Max Rombi, Arkopharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory specialised in the area of phytotherapy, natural medicine and dietary supplements. By offering a global approach to health and well-being, ARKOPHARMA Pharmaceutical Laboratories meets consumers' needs. It offers natural medicines intended for treatment and prevention, increases consumption oriented towards family self-medication, and also offers healthcare professionals new possibilities for prescriptions.

  • Arkopharma : european leader in phytotherapy and nutritional supplements.
  • an international presence in more than 60 countries.
  • 6 overseas subsidiaries: France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland.
  • 1 416 employees.
  • € 207,4 million of consolidated sales.
  • Arkopharma holds 1,742 product licences for medicines.
  • Arkopharma invests 3% of net medicine sales in Research and Development.

Our values, our strategy, our strength.

For 34 years, ARKOPHARMA Laboratories has been dedicated to new “healthy medicines” based on natural products. It has been a period marked by the search for a healthier life and for essential values; phytotherapy and dietary supplements are favoured by an ever expanding number of consumers around the world.

Doctor Max Rombi, a man truly passionate about plants.

Max Rombi was a veterinarian who was passionate about phytotherapy. In 1980 he decided to focus on this passion. He created Arkopharma Laboratories to modernise the old-fashioned image of how plants were used in pharmacy. He was then at the origin of the greatest discoveries and innovations in phytotherapy. These include Arkogélules®, the first capsules based on natural active ingredients. In 2008, Dr Rombi entrusted management of the Group to one of his sons, Philippe, who became the president of the Board of Directors, at the age of 47.

Acquisition by MONTAGU Private Equity

On 3rd July 2014, the Arkopharma Group was purchased by MONTAGU Private Equity, one of Europe’s leading private equity firms. Founded in 1968, MONTAGU benefits from over 40 years’ experience and has completed transactions with several hundreds of companies from numerous sectors including the health sector and agribusiness, thanks to a team divided between the company’s five European offices: Paris, London, Manchester, Frankfurt and Warsaw.

The acquisition by MONTAGU will provide new stimulation for the Group’s development.

The Group’s new governance is as follows:

Strategic committee:

Benoit Adelus, President of SEBIA, who presides over the strategic committee
Sylvain Berger Duquene, Director of Montagu France and Germany
Pascal Ambrosi, Associate Director of Montagu France
Raphael Candelier, Investment Director of Montagu France

Executive committee:

Jacques Chevallet, Chairman of the board of Directors
Jacques Chevallet
Chairman of the board of Directors
Jean-Jacques Robert, Chief Executive Officer and CFO Thierry Demeure, Vice-President, France Olivier Ricq, Vice-President, Spain and International development
Jean-Jacques Robert
Chief Executive Officer and CFO
Thierry Demeure
Vice-President, France
Olivier Ricq
Vice-President, Spain and International development
Yann Malaud 
Vice-President, International Affairs David Frappart, Vice-President, Global Marketing Dominique Cotteaux, Chief Operating Officer
Yann Malaud
Vice-President, International Affairs
David Frappart
Vice-President, Global Marketing
Dominique Cotteaux
Chief Operating Officer

Our history

ARKOPHARMA means 34 years of taking care of your health!

Our history










Arkopharma production site in Carros